About Me

Hi: I'm Selene Paul. I'm a writer, performer, workshop facilitator, etc. I say "etc" because I never know what I'm going to be up to next. I like change and I like to learn. That's why I've also had forays into being a Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival performer, radio talk-show host, stand-up comic, and singer/songwriter.

At the present time, I'm wholeheartedly focusing on the following:

-writing this blog
-writing other stuff
-doing some stand-up comedy at the occasional open mic night
-working part-time in two school divisions as an instructor for various business and personal development classes

As an instructor myself, I thoroughly see the benefit of education, and with that in mind, I've taken the following performing/writing courses:

Prairie Theatre Exchange
-Improvisation (two years)
-Acting Explorations

Merlyn Productions Theatre Company
-Stage One Acting

Academy of Broadcasting
-Radio and Television Broadcasting diploma

My email is smartyesque@hotmail.com