Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Decisions, Decisions or It's Not Easy Being a Grown-Up

It's Fringe Festival lottery time again, and this year I have left it to the very last minute to decide if I want to enter. Truth is I want to enter the lottery (I even know what I want to do), but life gets in the way sometimes of what we want to do. Responsibilities (i.e. bills), fears/worries, confusion--these things make decisions much more complicated than simply choosing to do what we want to. For instance, I could eat marshmallows for breakfast every day (really I could), but would that be a very wise decision?

I've never regretted any decision I've made, but I have paid for a few. Two years ago I made a very painful decision to leave a job. I don't regret my choice but it did cost me (financially and professionally). Did I learn from this experience? Absolutely. Every decision we make can teach us something. Sometimes something quite profound, about ourselves or life in general.

It isn't easy being a grown-up--having no one else make our decisions for us like our parents used to. We get to take the sole credit or blame for every good/bad choice we make. Still, when I want to eat marshmallows for breakfast and do, there's some rebellious kid in me that thinks "Hah. Look what I get to do cause I'm a grown-up!" Of course, my responsible side is all "That was a very poor choice--oatmeal would have been better for you."

So now I am left with this choice, to take a chance, face fear/worry (again), push myself to work harder and lunge into the possibility of another Fringe show. Or take the responsible way and wait until next December when the timing would likely be better and apply then.

As I write this, I still have not made up my mind. And the hours are ticking away. I have less than six hours to decide.

Marshmallows or oatmeal???